Hal Wilkerson is a major character in the popular comedy series Malcolm In The Middle and although he is the father of titular protagonist, he is often portrayed as a childish and delusional psychopath. He is an immature and irresponsible father that Francis Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey represent. Hal is often a bad influence on Francis Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey, for example beating people up and getting into fights. Although Hal is married to Lois, he's often portrayed as her right hand man, every time he doesn't want to punish the kids Lois forces him to.

He is arguably an even worse parent than Lois because although Lois does have good intentions, Hal will forsake his own children just so he can have fun.  For instance when Dewey won a lottery ticket for one thousand dollars, he said he was going to put it in Dewey's college fund, but in actuality he steals the money and uses it to rent a steamroller to play with. He squished cakes and even bubble wrap (who doesn't want to?). It's not until Dewey places a figurine saying "I love you this much" does he stop and decide to give it back. Mostly he is very devoted to Lois. Mostly she always sides with her when she punishes the boys. Sometimes he will punish them himself. He could be very arrogant and egotistical. Mostly he was a hypocrite, because the boys the destructive behavior comes from him.


Lazy Prodigy: Hal will more than often find some sort of excuse to do something he wants rather than bonding with his boys or doing Lois's errands.  

Blame:  If Hal is in a dangerous situation that involves him being the source (most often it does) he will put the blame on someone else, usually his boys in an attempt to escape his pending demise. 

He is played by Bryan Cranston, who also portrayed Walter White in Breaking Bad.