Hal (Happy Gilmore)


You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up! Now you will go to sleep... or I will put you to sleep!
~ Hal

Hal is a minor villain in the movie Happy Gilmore. He was portrayed by Ben Stiller in an uncredited role. His name is only revealed by his nametag and is only referred to as "that orderly guy".


Hal is the sadistic manager of the retirement home where Happy Gilmore's grandmother lived briefly, forcing her and the other residents to perform hard manual labor and frequently giving them death threats. When dealing with their families, however, he put on a friendly and cheery facade and made it appear as though everyone was happy and being well taken care of. It is likely that, based on his behavior, Hal is a psychopath who was obsessed with control and exploiting the elderly residents for his own personal financial gain (for instance, forcing them to knit quilts for hours, which he would later sell). Because of this, he is arguably worse than the film's primary antagonist, Shooter McGavin, who just wanted to win the Gold Jacket.

He was seen later in an omitted scene in the movie (which later became a deleted scene) when Happy learns the truth and knocks Hal out of the retirement home. This scene was omitted from the final film, however, and it can be safely assumed that Hal continued abusing the elderly residents with no repercussions.