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Hakon was the leader of a band of Vikings who were active in 994 in the animated series Gargoyles - he was also a major antagonist of the pre-modern portion of the gargoyles' story and would be responsible for the sacking of Castle Wyvern and massacring the defenceless clan of gargoyles as they slept in stone during the day.

Goliath went after Hakon and his ally, the Captain Of The Guard (who betrayed the castle's humans to the Vikings), with a vengeance. Hakon attempted to pin the deaths of the gargoyles on the Captain so Goliath would kill him instead, causing them to fight each other. In their fighting, the cliff they were standing on crumbled, sending Hakon and the captain falling to their deaths.

Hakon would return centuries later as a ghost fuelled by hatred and trapped in an eternal battle with the Captain Of The Guard, however when the gargoyles arrived Hakon alled with his old enemy to once again assault the one thing they hated more than one another: Goliath.

He is voiced by Clancy Brown.

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