Hakeev portrait
Hakeev is the central antagonist of the Romulan campaign in the Star Trek Online video game, based upon the Star Trek franchise - he is a vile, evil Romulan that has allied himself with the Iconians with hopes of effectively enslaving and/or destroying all other life in the galaxy, even his own people and is the leader of the Tal Shiar.

Hakeev was, however, still somewhat loyal to Empress Sela and wished to make the Romulan Empire great once more - yet he was also very vocal in his belief the Iconians could not be stopped and the only means to survive was to obey their will.

Hakeev gladly aided in the genocide of multiple worlds, inhuman experimentation and worse all while openly declaring war on any that slighted him : despite his violent, cruel nature he was often a coward and would flee death or send minions to do his fighting for him so as to evade capture, ultimately his evil led to him being defeated and killed by one of the Reman, a people he had betrayed in the past - via a single gunshot to the head, his dying moments were spent mocking and belittling his foes while claiming the war was not over.