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Hairball is the "comic relief" right-hand of Cataclysm (although technically he outranks Cataclysm so is (officially speaking) actually the leader) and one of the main antagonists of the rebooted "Biker Mice From Mars" series.

Hairball dresses in full military uniform and is of incredibly short height, in many ways he exhibits childlike qualities akin to a domesticated feline or a kitten - which makes him the bane of both Cataclysm and Ronaldo Rump's existence as his behavior often costs them a victory (though to be fair on Hairball none of them are particularly competent at their jobs).

Hairball is cowardly but likes to think of himself as rather important, he does seem to hold a high-rank despite his often nonthreatening appearance (as is evident by his many medals and his title of Supreme Commander) - so it is possible he is more dangerous than he first appears.

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