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Hyou, also known as Hail is a recurring villain of Jibaku-Kun (as known Bucky: The Incredible Kid or Bucky: Searching for World 0) series, a creation of Ami Shibata. He is the rival of Spaak, a previous G.C. of Doedicos who later became as the Great Soldier of Doedicos and a recurring enemy to Bucky and the group.


Hail was the only Great Child who agreed to be a Great Soldier and officially live in Needle Tower, so he lives alone in eternity Pointed Tower, where he commands with hand-rail all 12 Worlds and playing their curses on all those who contradict.

It is he who creates the curses of the Needle Tower (as Silva, Funen, Live and Dead, among many others) for purely personal annoyance in some cases reaching bring death.

An extremely powerful and skillful Great Soldier, and is a rival to both Spaak (both have a similar fighting style with twin swords). It is somewhat effeminate, is fascinated and passionate about Bucky, on the other hand, feel the same hatred. In the last episode it is revealed that Hail was the previous G.C. of Doedicos before Bucky's father, King Bucky and therefore has been bearer of the Spirit King Jibak. Despite all that Hail is not all bad, it was just influenced by the powers he received. Like Dead from the region of Novas, Hail has visual gothic, complete with a red cross Anchored in each hand, symbolizing his terrible power.

During part of the story he manipulates the other Great Children to exterminate Bucky and his friends accusing them of "Troublemakers Children" or "Trouble Kids" for short which ultimately make them often do battle with each other. Hail was owned by Slash, and was until the "End of Dreams" (Place to go where the GC That lost dreams) and fought Bucky and Sizma.


Hail has a short silver hair with long layered fringes in each side of his hair and black eyes. He also has a black cross tattoo in each side of both of his wrists.

His notable appearance is a black formal coat with a purple long sleeve button shirt with black cross in each folden sleeves on his button shirt and a white tie on the collar, black pants and shoes.


Hail is described in Episode 14 as being a very cruel, cunning, and manipulative person who is responsible of creating the curse towards, Silva to kill her family inflicted with a fatal disease, he turns Master Funen into a mole-like octopus form and the twins Live and Dead by merging both of their worlds between Hexas and Novas. He is also being angry and frustrated as seen when Silva uses the Prayer of Heaven to save her granddaughter, Pinky by transmitting her fatal disease into herself. He is also unaware of himself of being hit after he quickly dodges Silva's Powerful Wave after Spaak discovers his back injury which he got hit by one of Silva's Power Waves. This personality of his sterns by the influence of the power he receives in Needle Tower and he was not really evil. Hail also becomes very affectionate towards Bucky who feels the same hatred to him. Despite that he was angry to him from his opprobrious remarks, he always had a romantic fascination about him and keeps dreaming about him being too close with each other. This romantic fascination towards Bucky had started after Spaak's discovers his back injury as he cries of joy and thinking that Bucky hits him with a Powerful Wave despite Silva was the one attacking him with this ability before he quickly incapacitates her. This behavior takes too far where he keeps a Bucky doll with him and looking at the close up of Bucky's face where he's madly in love with him at first sight. His actions towards Bucky are somewhat gay and a yandere.



It's a skill Pointed Tower designed by Hail which is able to send curses on person, or even a world. He was responsible for killing most of the family of Silva, turn the Master Funen in a fragile creature, and merge the Hexas and Novas worlds doing both switch sides from day and nightm

Twin Swords

Hail wields dual blades similar to his rival Spaak and both shares their fighting style. His swordsmanship was demonstrated in the last part of Episode 12 where he quickly manage to incapacitate Silva in her younger appearance despite the former manage to hit on his back from one of the gray spheres from her Powerful Wave technique. He is mostly clash with his rival Spaak while he watches Bucky and the group when they are attacked by their fellow G.C.'s techniques or Trouble Monsters by taunting them to get killed.


  • In the Japanese version of the anime, he is voiced by Shotaro Morikubo. In the Filipino Dub, he is voiced by Bernie Malejana.