Haihane Aoi Sekirei

Haihane is one of the main antagonists in the sekirei series. She is a member of the current discipline squad. Haihane is also known as the blue sekirei.


Haihane is a member of MBI's discipline squad and is most of the time teamed up with Benitsubasa. Their job is to punish everyone who breaks the rules of the sekirei plan. But they break the rules also from time to time.


She is unlike her appearance a very happy person, she often laughs and makes fun about the small boobs of Benitsubasa. she has a rivalry with tsukiumi, because she almost drowned her.

Abilities and powers

Haihane has just like all sekirei increased agility and stamina. She has two gloves in which claws are attached. These claws are strong enough to block a lot of attacks and to slice trough metal.