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Alberich hagen

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Hagen is a villain in Der Ring Des Nibelungen. He is the son of the dwarf Alberich, who seduced Hagen's mother Grimhilde with gold, hoping Hagen would recover the ring Alberich forged to rule the world using gold stolen from the Rhinemaidens. Hagen is subject to a prophecy by the Earth Goddess Erda, who tells the ruler of the Gods Wotan that when Alberich's son is born the Gods will soon die. Hagen is half-brother to Gunther, ruler of the Gibichungs, and Gutrune. He uses a love potion to make the hero Siegfried forget his lover Brünnhilde, who he gave the ring to, and love Gutrune. Siegfried then captures Brünnhilde and brings her to Gunther so he can marry Gutrune, taking the ring from her. Angry and not realising what happened, Brünnhilde tells Hagen Siegfried is invulnerable as long as he doesn't turn his back on an enemy. During a hunt Hagen kills Siegfried with a spear in the back. He then kills Gunther when they argue over the ring. However Brünnhilde orders a funeral pyre for Siegfried and throws herself into the flames after telling the Rhinemaidens to take the ring back. Hagen tries to take the ring but the Rhinemaidens drown him.
471px-Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods p 172

Added by Cynical Classicist

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