Haeng-Bok is the henchwoman/lover of Adrian Pryce. She is a well trained assassin that is devoted to protecting her man. Haeng-Bok turns Joe Doucett's world upside down costing him 20 years of his life.


Without anything known about her past Haeng-Bok acted as the assistant of Adrian Pryce and aided him in his grand scheme for revenge.

When a drunk Joe stumbles in the rain she approaches him while carrying a yellow umbrella. As he walks towards her she abducts him. They lock Joe away in a prison. After killing his former wife they keep watching his daughter.

Manipulating him with fake information about his daughter they release him after twenty years.

As Joe gets out of the box she waits for him while holding the same yellow umbrella. As Joe follows her she lures him to some football players and makes them attack Joe. As Joe ravages the players she disappears. Giving her umbrella to a drifter she makes Joe confront the drifter which makes him meet his daughter.

As Joe is vengefully searching for the persons who locked him away they go to the bar of his friend Chucky where he stays. Pryce calls him after which he realizes it are they who are responsible for his time locked away. As a enraged Joe attacks with a knife Haeng-Bok quickly disarms and overpowers him. Adrian proposed Joe that if he would find out why he had imprisoned him for 20 years he would kill himself, hand him a videotape of him killing his wife and millions in diamonds. He then gave him the location of the doctor he had met, not knowing it was his daughter, who was about to get raped.

She and Adrian watched on with hidden camera as Joe and his daughter ended up having sex. When Chucky found out who Adrian was she and Adrian went to his bar and she calmly watched on as he killed him.

As Joe came for them she confronted him. He attacked her and she disarmed him. As she had him restrained he suddenly cut her throat with a boxcutter. Holding her bleeding neck she seemingly died.


Haeng-Bok is completely loyal to her lover/employer Adrian Pryce. She is completely ruthless aiding her employer in ruining lives and killing and torture without any doubt or emotion. 


Haeng-Bok is a excellent martial artist. Despite her small size her skills allowed her to easily overpower Joe Doucett, a man of incredible willpower and astonishing physichal prowess who trained himself into a one man fighting force.


A Asian woman Haeng-Bok is small and slender. She wears expensive fashion clothing and high heels. Seemingly impractical her clothing and the heels are not hindering her ability in any way during fights.