Hadriana is a minor antagonist in Dragon Age II. She is a Tevinter magister and the apprentice of Danarius, Fenris' former master.


Fenris describes her as a social climber who would sell her own children to please Danarius. She was very cruel to Danarius' slaves, depriving them of food and sleep. Her cruelty is a result of her constantly being ridiculed by other magisters.


In Act 2 of Dragon Age, Danarius sends her with a contingent of slavers to bring Fenris back to his former master. With the help of his companion Hawke, Fenris tracks down Hadriana in her lair, defeats her, and interrogates her. Hadriana makes a deal with Fenris to spare her life in return for information. After Fenris agrees, she informs him that he has a sister. Fenris is skeptical at this.

At the end, despite her keeping her end of the bargain, Fenris kills her anyway.