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"I will personally see to it that you and your friends will forever suffer!"
~ Hadrian threatening Jesse and his/her friends
"I'll admit you're a quick sport. But not quick enough for my axe!"
~ Hadrian to Jesse
Surrender the Redstone Heart, now. Because, ha, I WILL trap you here, forever! I am one-hundred percent fine with that course of action!
~ Hadrian to Jesse and the Competitors

Hadrian is the main antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8: A Journey's End?. He is the megalomanic leader of the Old Builders.

He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Hadrian is the leader of the Old Builders. He, together with Mevia, Otto, Harper and possibly Cassie Rose, built the Portal Network and invented the Games. They used to have competitors travel from all over to play in The Games.

However, in time Hadrian and Mevia grew more power hungry and sadistic. They started to make people fight against each other, just for sport. Losers in the Games were forced to work in the mines, until they got another shot in the Games. Unknown to anyone, the Games was rigged, so nobody could win. Presumably for that reason, both Harper and Cassie left. Hadrian is know for making deals with numerous people, usally with other competitors about that if the deal was completed, the competitor would be able to go home. Presumably, that never happend, as Hadrian was always able to make sure it never happend.

When Harper and the New Order of the Stone arrived at the Games to retrive the Portal Atlas, after disrupting a game of Spleef, Jesse presented the Redstone Heart (that Harper took when she left) Hadrian offred a deal: If Jesse won the Games, he and his friends would get the Atlas. But if they lost, Harper would have to go to the Mines too. Jesse agrees to the deal, and Harper shows him/her and Petra/Ivor to the Competitor's Village.

The next day, while the competitors are preparing for the next event, which is a dangerous race, Hadrian visits them and tries to interview Jesse. After the interview, he, along with the other Old Builders, commentate the race.


You really trusted "Hadrian"? That guy's like a creeper in a purple power suit.
~ Jesse to Em after learning why she made a deal with Hadrian.

Hadrian is power-hungry, ruthless, sadistic, selfish, rude, immoral and overall evil in nature. He has a tendency to make deals with others, and break those deals with no second thought, showing his honorless nature. For instance, at first, he tells Jesse and Petra/Ivor that if they win the Builder Games, they get to keep the Old Builder's Portal Atlas, which Jesse and friends need to get back to their home world, before later changing the deal and telling Jesse that if he/she wins the games, his/her friends will have to stay behind and work in his quartz mines, and if he/she loses, Hadrian will let his/her friends go if Jesse stays behind in their place. It is highly unlikely that Hadrian intended to keep his end of the bargain. As implied by Em and Harper, regardless of whether or not Jesse loses, Hadrian will very likely send Jesse AND his/her friends all to the mines anyway, while claiming THAT was the original deal. As shown in his treatment of competitors who lose in the games, and his aforementioned deals, Hadrian likes to maximize productivity and had no qualms about enslaving people by sending them to work in his Quartz mines in The Nether. He even admits that he's fine with and has no problem with trapping people forever, showing a complete disregard for others.

Hadrian is also hypocritical, as if Jesse agrees to Hadrian's second deal, when he/she inevitably breaks it later, Hadrian gets enraged and yells at Jesse for breaking their deal, saying they had an "agreement" and Jesse "promised" him, despite his own aforementioned habit of breaking deals. As well as that, when first meeting Jesse, he accuses him/her of being a "sore loser" for lashing out because his/her friends were eliminated, or seemingly killed, despite Jesse not knowing that his/her friends would respawn. Later, when Jesse and the other competitors step on the winner's platform, Hadrian is enraged, due to not wanting anyone to win the games, being a sore loser himself. As well as that, he may even tell Jesse off for being rude, despite being equally, if not even more rude than he/she is.

For reasons unknown, Hadrian pretends to be polite and somewhat friendly towards Jesse when meeting him/her in his palace. He was also somewhat impressed when he discovered that Jesse and his/her friends are famous heroes, but still had no problem with maliciously messing with them.


  • Hadrian is quite physically strong, as shown when he simply kicks Jesse (with his/her regular armor) and immediately takes out two hearts (or one fifth) of Jesse's health.
  • Hadrian is by far the most evil character in MInecraft Story Mode, worse the Aiden, The White Pumpkin or PAMA.
    • Aiden was a fame-seeking brat and a sociopathic bully, although he can actually be redeemed and will show remorse for his actions if showed mercy.
    • The White Pumpkin was a serial killer, but in the end she finally saw the error of her ways. As well as that, she genuinely loves and cares for her pet cat, Winslow.
    • PAMA was a computer that went rogue, but had good intentions and wanted to make everything useful and more efficient.
    • Hadrian, however is a sadistic, power hungry tyrant that keeps the competitors from dying and therefore are trapped as slaves forever, with absolutely no sympathy for them, even enjoying their suffering. While in this way, he is similar to his right hand woman, Mevia, she isn't as outwardly manipulative and dishonest as he is. On top of that, he even kidnaps innocent people from their home worlds (or orders Mevia to do so) and makes false promises to give his victims false hope. Therefore he is currently the only antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode that is classified as a "Complete Monster" so far.

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