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I will personally see to it that you and your friends will forever suffer!
~ Hadrian threatening Jesse and his/her friends
Oh, I'll get out of your face. But I'll be laughing at your face from my nice, cushy box while I watch you burn. I promise you that, you little NOTHING.
~ Hadrian to Jesse when he is trying to interview him/her
Surrender the Redstone Heart, now. Because, ha, I WILL trap you here, forever! I am one-hundred percent fine with that course of action!
~ Hadrian announcing his intentions while showing his complete lack of empathy

Hadrian is the main antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8: A Journey's End?. He is the psychotic leader of the Old Builders.

He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Hadrian is the leader of the Old Builders. He, together with Mevia, Otto, Harper and possibly Cassie Rose, built the Portal Network and invented the Games. They used to have competitors travel from all over to play in The Games.

However, in time Hadrian and Mevia grew more power hungry and sadistic. They started to make people fight against each other, just for sport. Losers in the Games were forced to work in the mines, until they got another shot in the Games. Unknown to anyone, the Games was rigged, so nobody could win. Presumably for that reason, both Harper and Cassie left. Hadrian is know for making deals with numerous people, usally with other competitors about that if the deal was completed, the competitor would be able to go home. Presumably, that never happend, as Hadrian was always able to make sure it never happend.

When Harper and the New Order of the Stone arrived at the Games to retrive the Portal Atlas, after disrupting a game of Spleef, Jesse presented the Redstone Heart (that Harper took when she left) Hadrian offred a deal: If Jesse won the Games, he and his friends would get the Atlas. But if they lost, Harper would have to go to the Mines too. Jesse agrees to the deal, and Harper shows him/her and Petra/Ivor to the Competitor's Village.

The next day, while the competitors are preparing for the next event, which is a dangerous race, Hadrian visits them and tries to interview Jesse. After the interview, he, along with the other Old Builders, commentate the race. Hadrian, along with Mevia are clearly surprised and disappointed if Jesse wins.

When Jesse was at Hadrian's Palace, he found out that (presumably under Hadrian's orders) Axel and Olivia, two of Jesse's best friends were kidnapped by Mevia from their home world to use to blackmail Jesse. Hadrian and Mevia also knew that Jesse had a best friend called Reuben and, as such, tried to kidnap him too, but, clearly not knowing his fate or even his species, Mevia kidnaps a Minecon Usher from Episode 1 who is coincidentally called "Reuben". Hadrian sadistically changes his deal with Jesse and says that if Jesse wins and leaves, his friends will be sent down into the Mines, but if Jesse loses, he/she can go to the Mines in their place. He then gets Slab to drag Jesse out of his Palace.

Hadrian is next seen during the Finale, helping announce and commentate the final game, which is a game of Walls. Hadrian likely rigged the Game so Jesse would lose by giving him/her no resource (aside from dirt and gravel) to defend himself/herself. Much like Mevia, Hadrian is dumbfounded and outraged when, thanks to Jesse, the competitors refused to fight each other and decide to rebel, with Jesse in the lead. Hadrian will show more frustration if Jesse agreed to lose The Games and work in their mines, due to him breaking the deal. If Slab joins Jesse's side, Hadrian will express annoyance and tells Slab that he will pay for his betrayal. He, Mevia and Otto head down and confront them. Due to them having stepped on The Victory Platform and technically won The Games, Otto tries to give Jesse The Atlas as promised, but Hadrian and Mevia trap him and all the competitors except for Em, Jesse and (determinant) Slab in obsidian. Em runs away, much to Mevia and Hadrian's delight. They both begin to fight Jesse (and determinantly Slab). Jesse knocks Hadrian down on the ground, before he pretends to ask for forgiveness. Mevia kills Jesse off-guard, causing him/her to respawn. While Hadrian and Mevia talk about how to punish the trapped competitors, with Hadrian having something "special" in mind for them, thanks to Jesse's friends (Em and determinant Slab included), after he/she respawns, he/she returns with diamond weapons and Tim's Armour. They fight once more, before Jesse manages to defeat Mevia. Hadrian and Jesse continue to fight. At one point, Jesse's friends taunt Hadrian and support Jesse from afar. Per Em's suggestion, Jesse breaks the obsidian bridge that he/she and Hadrian are standing on and he falls to his death. Hadrian and Mevia both respawn and are beaten up by the Gladiators.

Jesse then uses The Atlas to banish Mevia, along with Hadrian to a world filled with either zombie-sized chickens or chicken-sized zombies. Mevia tries to crack a pun about their predicament, much to Hadrian's dismay, possibly causing him to fire her. Meanwhile, due to some competitors surprisingly enjoying The Games, Otto (and determinately Harper) restarts The Games and makes them fun again, while those who don't want to participate return home, undoing the damage Hadrian and Mevia caused.


You really trusted "Hadrian"? That guy's like a creeper in a purple power suit.
~ Jesse to Em after learning why she made a deal with Hadrian.

Hadrian is power-hungry, ruthless, sadistic, selfish, arrogant, immoral and overall evil in nature. He shares these traits with his right-hand, Mevia, with both being extremely rude, malicious, snarky, obnoxious, unpleasant, heartless, sadistic and volatile. Both show no motives or reasons for their evil deeds aside from for their own selfish entertainment, as well as showing no redeeming traits whatsoever.

Unlike Mevia, Hadrian has a tendency to make deals with others, and break those deals with no second thought, showing his completely honorless nature. For instance, at first, he tells Jesse and Petra/Ivor that if they win the Builder Games, they get to keep the Old Builder's Portal Atlas, which Jesse and friends need to get back to their home world, before later changing the deal and telling Jesse that if he/she wins the games, his/her friends will have to stay behind and work in his quartz mines, and if he/she loses, Hadrian will let his/her friends go if Jesse stays behind in their place. It is highly unlikely that Hadrian intended to keep his end of the bargain. As implied by Em and Harper, regardless of whether or not Jesse loses, Hadrian will very likely send Jesse AND his/her friends all to the mines anyway, while claiming THAT was the original deal. As shown in his treatment of competitors who lose in the games, and his aforementioned deals, Hadrian likes to maximize productivity and had no qualms about enslaving people by sending them to work in his Quartz mines in The Nether. He even admits that he's fine with and has no problem with trapping people forever, showing a complete disregard and lack of sympathy for others.

Hadrian is also hypocritical, as if Jesse agrees to Hadrian's second deal, when he/she inevitably breaks it later, Hadrian gets enraged and yells at Jesse for breaking their deal, saying they had an "agreement" and Jesse "promised" him, despite his own aforementioned habit of breaking deals. As well as that, when first meeting Jesse, he accuses him/her of being a "sore loser" for lashing out because his/her friends were eliminated, or seemingly killed, despite Jesse not knowing that his/her friends would respawn. Later, when Jesse and the other competitors step on the winner's platform, Hadrian is enraged, due to not wanting anyone to win the games, being a sore loser himself. As well as that, he may even tell Jesse off for being rude, despite being at least equally, if not even more rude than he/she is.

Hadrian clearly and openly disfavored Jesse's Gang from the other competitors, possibly because they were trying to get The Atlas from him, or because of their association with Harper. He, for an unknown reason (possibly to hold a bargaining tone with Jesse), pretends to be polite, civil and somewhat friendly, while still condescending towards Jesse when meeting him/her in his palace. He was also somewhat impressed when he discovered that Jesse and his/her friends are famous heroes, but he still held them in very low esteem, as well as having no problem with maliciously messing with them.

Hadrian is greatly feared by the competitors and even the gladiators, as seen when he simply glares at the competitors causing them to cower and hide, as well as when even the usually confident and tough Gladiators aren't brave enough to fight him and Mevia, implying that they have seen them (Hadrian and Mevia) fight before. Slab implies that Hadrian is impatient and doesn't like being kept waiting. As implied by Sebastian, Hadrian and Mevia tend to abuse and take their anger out on the competitors trapped in their mines.


Stop the match!
~ Hadrian stopping a game of Spleef for the first time
It's called "respawning", champ. We're not monsters.
~ Hadrian after Jesse learns that his/her friends respawned.
I'm not surprised that you're confused! (To Mevia) Tiny brains.
~ Hadrian, clearly unsympathetic towards Jesse believing that his/her friends are dead.
Well sport, now that you've come and interupted our games, I'm sure our fans would LOVE to know how you got here! Spill!
~ Hadrian not-so-nicely asking Jesse how he/she ended up in their world.
Are you being a wisenheimer with me? Is that really what's going on?! Wow. Say, can we get someone to kill this little moron, please? A few dozen times?!
~ Hadrian after Jesse answers his question with a vague response.
To tell me champ, why do you think Harper brought you here? My bet's on pet! That'll be pretty cute, right?
~ Hadrian questioning and insulting Jesse
Straight and to the point... I'd like it, if I weren't shimmering with barely controlled rage right now!
~ Hadrian after Jesse asks him to hand over The Atlas
Here's the way MY offer works: You give me the Heart, you and your friends go back down to those portals, I never look at your insignificant faces again.

(Petra)"Wait, without the Atlas? But how will we get home?"

Soooooooo not my problem. This is a one-time offer. You've caught me in a forgiving mood!

~ Hadrian offering a deal to Jesse's Gang, clearly not caring that they need the Altas to return home

Similar Villains

  • Mevia: As stated above, both have similar personallities, with both being extremely obnoxious, selfish, rude, highly sadistic, hot-tempered, vindictive, immoral, heartless and dishonest, all while showing no redeeming traits. Both run and commentate The Games, while trapping the losers in their mines, with absolutely no sympathy towards them whatsoever. Both are also powerful fighters who defeated Jesse in battle once, only for him/her to get help from his/her friends and then reuturn to defeat them, before then banishing them to a bedrock world full of zombie-sized chickens/chicken-sized zombies. Although Mevia lacks Hadrian's tendency to make (and break) deals and her role in the story is relatively minor compared to Hadrian's.
  • Pigma Dengar (Star Fox series): Both share many personallity traits, such as being extremely sadistic, rude, unpleasant, obnoxious, antagonistic, selfish, immoral, arrogant, dishonest, psychologically abusive and completely unreliable and honorless. Both serve as the main antagonist of a spin-off from a popular game (Star Fox Guard for Pigma, although he appears in the main series as well, Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 8 for Hadrian). Both are very greedy (albeit in different ways, money for Pigma, power for Hadrian). In addition, both commit a heinous act that can easily push them over the Moral Event Horizon and greatly impacts the protagonist by wronging those close to them. (Pigma betrayed the Star Fox team to Andross for money, causing the presumed death of James McCloud, Fox's father, while Hadrian ordered Mevia to kidnap Axel, Olivia and "Reuben" (the former two being two of Jesse's best friends and the latter being mistaken for Jesse's late pet pig with the same name) to use in a sadistic extortion against Jesse, all while threatening to keep them trapped in his mines forever.)
  • President Coriolanus Snow (The Hunger Games): Both are cruel, ruthless and sociopathic tyrants who are the leaders of their games and use violence and manipulation against the competitors. In addition, both are old men with white hair. Both are also Complete Monsters. However, Snow is unshakably honest and never told a lie, while Hadrian is extremely dishonest and very frequently tells lies for his own benefit.


  • Hadrian is quite physically strong, as shown when he simply kicks Jesse (with his/her regular armor) and immediately takes out two hearts (or one fifth) of Jesse's health.
  • Hadrian mey very well be the most evil character in MInecraft: Story Mode, worse than The Wither Storms, Aiden, The White Pumpkin or PAMA, who are arguably the most dangerous antagonists in the game.
    • Ivor isn't particularly evil and actually cares for the safety of others.
    • The Wither Storms show no signs of malicious personalities or any personality aside from being cataclysmic, seemingly mindless monsters.
    • Jesse, while he/she, depending on the player's choices, can commit some villainous acts, regardless of player choices, he/she truly cares for his/her friends.
    • Aiden was a fame-seeking brat and a sociopathic bully, although he can actually be redeemed and will show remorse for his actions if showed mercy.
    • The White Pumpkin was a serial killer, but in the end she finally saw the error of her ways. As well as that, she genuinely loves and cares for her pet cat, Winslow.
    • PAMA was a computer that went rogue, but had good intentions and wanted to make everything useful and more efficient.
    • Hadrian, however is a sadistic, power hungry tyrant that keeps the competitors from dying and therefore are trapped as slaves forever, with absolutely no sympathy for them, even enjoying their suffering, while showing no redeeming traits whatsoever. He has no known motives for his evil aside from purely entertaining himself. While in these ways, he is similar to his right hand woman, Mevia, she isn't as outwardly manipulative and dishonest as he is. On top of that, he even kidnaps innocent people from their home worlds (or orders Mevia to do so) and makes false promises to give his victims false hope. Therefore he is likely one of (if not the) only antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode that is undoubtetly classified as a "Complete Monster".
  • While this is only demonstrated with Harper, Facemeat implies that The Old Builders (presumably Hadrian included) don't like being called "Old Builders".
  • Hadrian bears a physical reassemblence to Colonel Sanders, the founder of real-world fast food resteraunt chain KFC.
  • Hadrian may have been named after the real-world Roman emperor of the same name, who was the 14th emperor of the Roman Empire and was known for building "Hadrian's Wall". One of the events in The Games is "The Walls", which might be a nod to this.
  • Despite his irredeemably evil qualities, Hadrian allows Slab to spend time in his office whenever he wants, although this might just be for Hadrian's convenience.
  • The fact that Harper left The Old Builders and took the Redstone Heart, while vowing to never return with it, as well as Harper's dread about Hadrian possesing the Heart implies that Hadrian may have been misusing its power before Harper left.


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