Hades Nergel (冥王ネルゲル) is a ruthless Demon Lord and the main antagonist of the MMORPG videogame, Dragon Quest X.

He sent monsters to destroy the sacred town of Etene and killed everyone in it, including the main protagonist, while kidnapping his or her partner into the world of darkness. The main protagonist will then reincarnate as one of the five races that have taken over the world and will begin a crusade to free the world from evil.


Though a death harbinger, Hades Nergel's appearance is rather dandified; he's mostly purple with a young man's visage, white long hair and goat-like horns. He wears a green striped costume with purple sleeves and cape and with an animal skull ornament at the chest. He uses a scythe capable of tearing through dimensions.


  • His appearance and demeanor reminisces of other villains such as Orgodemir, from the same series, or Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda. Probably the strongest similarity is to Whis from Dragon Ball Z.