Hades is an imitation of Hydranoid from Bakugan New Vestroia and an minor antagonist from Bakugan Dimensions, he was created by Professor Clay who has used Hydranoid's DNA to create this Mechanical Bakugan.



Hades is a Mechanical dragon Bakugan who lives to serve the Vexos. He is Shadow's primary brawler when battling the Resistance. Hades has three fire breathing heads and six wings making him one of the fastest flying Bakugan. His three tails each have a spiky tip, so Hades can attack his opponent from many different directions. His metal exoskeleton can sustain multiple blows from any brawler, but on top of that he has three large metal thorns that further protect his heart from attack.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Hades originally debuts under the guise of Alpha Hydranoid in Last One Standing, even possessing some of his unique abilities. It is used primarily to capture Shun and Ingram, who had been lured into a trap by Shadow. Even after having its disguise burned away and its true identity revealed, Hades completely devastates Ingram and Hylash, especially with later assistance from its complementary Bakugan Trap Fortress, resulting in a flawless victory.

Shadow uses Hades a second time in a brawl against Drago and Nemus whilst tagging with Elico. Due to Shadow's insistence on defeating them both alone, Hades is overwhelmed by its own disadvantage and it is forced to rely on its Saurer Cannon to eliminate Nemus. Despite this being successful, the after-effects of the ability incapacitate Hades and leave it open to attack from Drago, prompting Elico to join in and stall for time until its recharge is complete. In spite of successfully recharging and unleashing a second attack, Drago is able to counter with a new Perfect Core ability that wipes it out, leaving Elico alone and later defeated as well.

Hades and Elico are teamed together a second time while defending Gamma City, this time barring the way from Ingram and Elfin.This time, it is entirely outmatched by Ingram's ability to duplicate, confusing its sensors and leaving it open to multiple critical attacks, which lead both Hades and Elico to a second defeat together.

Hades' death

The destruction of Hades.

In its final brawl, Hades is challenged by Fourtress and even its own "predecessor" Alpha Hydranoid, who aims solely to destroy his impostor. Hades manages a victorious first round before being forced to fall back on its Trap Fortress and its Saurer Cannon, which, upon being negated by a Rank Zero Gate Card, disables Hades and sets it up for a devastating blow from Hydranoid that rips Hades into dozens of pieces, finally annihilating it for good.

Ability Cards

  • Photon Tail: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Phaser Trident: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Saurer Cannon (Stinger Cannon): Adds 900 Gs to Hades and drains all energy from its power reserve, incapacitating it for a significant amount of time after use.
  • Full Burst : Adds 1000 Gs to Hades and drains all energy from its power reserve, incapacitating it for a significant amount of time after use.
Ability Cards (Disguised as Alpha Hydranoid)
  • Chaos Leap Sting: Subtracts 200 Gs from the opponent and adds 100 Gs to Hades.
  • Destroy Vanish: Reduces opponent's power to 0.
  • Death Trident: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.


  • The abilities Saurer Cannon and Full Burst are indeed powerful, but both require using all of Hades's power reserve, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from opponents that it fails to immediately defeat.
  • Hades's immense weight and body structure hinder it from regaining its footing should it become unbalanced. Knocking it down entirely can even immobilize it.
  • Despite having multiple heads and pairs of sensors, Hades's range of vision is severely limited and cannot track multiple opponents effectively.


  • Hades's name is derived from the Greek god of the same name, who represents the Underworld, a plane of existence beyond living.
  • Hades's ball form in the anime is far more intricate and detailed than its in-game counterpart, possessing larger heads, more visible hands, and longer claws on its feet.
  • Hades was the only remaining Bakugan of the Vexos' original ensemble that persevered briefly into the second arc while still under their possession.