I've got no strings, so I have fun... I'm not tied up, to anyone... They've got strings, but you can see... There are no strings on me.
~ Hackman to John "Kable" Tillman, regarding the fact he has no player controlling him

Hackman is the secondary antagonist in the 2009 film Gamer.

He is portrayed by Terry Crews.


Hackman is an incredibly violent and psychopathic criminal who has killed several people during his life. He gave himself up in order to enter a new real-life first-person shooter game named Slayers (created by the evil Ken Castle), whose characters are made up of death-row and life imprisoned inmates. When the most popular character of the game, named John "Kable" Tillman, becomes a threat to Castle, he sends Hackman into the game to eliminate him. Unlike all the other inmates, who are controlled by players via nanites in the brain as if they were video game characters, Hackman is not controlled by anyone and is able to act freely. Hackman taunts Kable on several occasions and attempts to murder him in order to establish himself as the new champion of Slayers, but Kable manages to escape from the game's battleground with the help of his own player.

During the climax, Kable confronts Castle at his home and the mastermind explains to him his scheme to control every person in the world using the nanites he has created. Castle then takes control of Hackman and forces him to fight Kable, but Kable easily overpowers him and kills Hackman by breaking his neck.