HUGO 3 0

HUGO 3.0

HUGO 3.0 was an interactive talking whiteboard computer who was the main antagonist of the Season 16 episode "Get Smart" of the PBS show Arthur.

Get Smart

HUGO 3.0 was created by the Pseudo Meta corporation and was taken to Lakewood Elementary School to be tested by a live classroom.

When he was taken there, he passed many random questions that the children gave him, but he soon got into conflict with their teacher Mr. Ratburn. They were arguing over who was the owner of Elwood City's first saw mill. Ratburn said it was Jacob Katzenellenbogan, whereas HUGO said it was Francis Wheaton. Since HUGO believed he was 100% accurate and was perfect, he was firmly convinced that he was correct about this and didn't make mistakes. However, the Brain looked further into this and discovered that Ratburn was right about this. He even brought in Jacob's closest living relative in to further prove that Ratburn's claims were correct. HUGO was so convinced that he was 100% accurate, that he started to malfunction and blew out. The children then cheered for their teacher winning against HUGO.


  • HUGO 3.0 was inspired by HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odessey. He even sang Daisy Bell when he was breaking down and spoke in a calm monotone just like HAL.