No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!!!
~ The HOMRA mantra

HOMRA (吠舞羅 (ホムラ), Homura), or the Red Clan, is a dangerous clan and is one of the primary recurring antagonists of the 2012 anime series K. It's an infamous organization based int he Tokyo Metropolis Area of Shizume City where they are known and laothed by the public.


The exact date remains unknown but HOMRA had been existing in its current form for around six years though the group of previously formed eight years prior to the series before Reisi Munakata had became the Blue King and the Head of Scepter 4. Anna was originally intended to be the successor of the previous Scepter 4 leader but she was taken by HOMRA and the two organization's have been at odds since than.\



HOMRA is ran by a King and they are the de-facto leader of the organization like all other clans. All members take orders from the king and they follow him whereever they go and obey his every will.


HOMRA has a strict membership system. In order to become a member of HOMRA, the recruit must send in a notification that tells the current members of the new member's true intentions. The recruit is then summoned to their headquarters where the recruit meets the king and another HOMRA member records the whole thing.

Notable Members

Current members

Former Members



  • Though often capitalized, the Homra organization's name is not an acronym. This similarity is also shared by the HYDRA terrorist organization from the Marvel comics.