One of many HK-50 assassin droids

Mocking Query: Coorta? Coorta, are you dead yet?
~ HK-50 clearly taking pride in killing the miners on Peragus

HK-50 droids were a series of assassin droids and antagonists in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (The Sith Lords). They were hired by the Exchange boss Goto to capture the Exile for his own purposes. Though Goto wants the Jedi Exile alive, it is evident that the HK-50 droids believe otherwise.


Like their progenitor HK-47 from the first game, HK-50 droids are psychotic, sadistic and bloodthirsty; however, they despise their progenitor and view him as obsolete, and vice versa. They are also not very good at deception, as displayed by the first HK-50 droid the Exile meets on Peragus, who constantly alludes to his true nature.


The HK-50 droids were descendants of HK-47, and were being manufactured in an abandoned military base on Telos. They were hired by Goto to capture the Jedi Exile. One droid disguised himself as a translator droid and inflitrated the Harbringer, where he drugged the Exile, who was have a routine exam in the medlab. He somehow found his way onto the Ebon Hawk, which landed on the Pergaus mining facility. While there, the droid killed all the miners, sparing the life of the Exile by placing her in a kolto tank.

When the Exile met the droid, he disguised himself as a translator, but constantly hinted that he was expressing glee at the slaughter of all the miners, and telling the Exile that it was unwise to leave the mining facility. Later, he revealed his plan, but would not specify who his employer was. The droid was promptly destroyed, and the Exile successfully escaped.

Hk50 rpg

An HK-50 droid shooting down The Exile's shuttle with a missile launcher

The Exile later met a trio of HK-50 droids in one of the polar regions on Telos while searching for the stolen Ebon Hawk. After escaping Telos with the Ebon Hawk, the Exile meets numerous other groups of HK-50 droids (only in the restored content version of the game), all intent on killing her. Eventually, it is revealed they are working under Goto, an Exchange boss who wants to use the former Jedi to restore order to the galaxy. The Exile gathers enough parts to rebuild HK-50's progenitor, HK-47. After learning of their existence,

HK-47 proclaims his hatred for his successors, and vows to find their source and destroy them. However, they cannot destroy one another, because the droids were created from HK-47's programming.

After encountering several more groups, HK-47 discovers that the HK-50 factory is located on Telos. When the Exile journeys there to battle Darth Nihilus and his Sith forces, the assassin droid makes a side trip to the factory. He eventually finds a way to destroy the HK-50s, thus ending their production, and starts his own generation of HK-51 assassin droids, who are loyal only to him.