Welcome to my Universe!
~ HEX's last words in the opening.


HEX opens, the Universe is a peaceful place where VIC, the Virtual Information Cube is your tour guide, and characters called Cast bots are designed to take you on a "journey of your dreams" through beloved Disney environments that you know from the movies. As you're being assured that things are "completely safe" VIC is taken over in a Mr. Hyde kind of a way by a villainous cube named HEX, who proclaims himself the new master of Disney Universe. As he says, he's ready to "rock, roll and reboot." Near the end of the game, VIC tells HEX to do "It's a small world after all" instead of doing another revolution rampage of Bots to bring peace to Disney Universe.



HEX Cubes are only available in multi-player mode. He gives a power-up which can damage guests and also give games that are harmful.