H.I.V.E logo

The Hierarchy of International Vengence and Extermination or H.I.V.E is a terrorist organization from the DC Universe Online (DCUO) that works directly for Queen Bee who seeks to enslave the world into one giant hive mind. As their queen instructs, they do which makes them enemy to both heroes and villains as they are allied with Brainiac to take over Earth. They were originally created by the H.I.V.E Master who directed focus on the Teen Titans unlike Queen Bee.

Stinger image

HIVE Stinger

H.I.V.E Members

H.I.V.E. Stingers

  • Servants of Queen Bee that protect and direct the worker bees

H.I.V.E Royal Drones

  • H.I.V.E Royal Drones are Servants of Queen Bee often seen close protecting the Queen herself.

H.I.V.E Killer Bees

215px-Killer Bee image

a HIVE Killer Bee from DCUO

*Killer Bees are among the higher level servants of the Queen Bee

H.I.V.E Drones

  • H.I.V.E. Drones are Servants of Queen Bee

Involvement with Brainiac

The H.I.V.E operated out of Metropolis working with Brainiac under Queen Bee's leadership. The worker bees transported stolen exobytes that held powers of various superheroes and/or villains to be given to Brainiac for examination and testing. This naturally made them enemies of every hero and villain with powers.