All systems damaged! The plan has failed...
~ H.A.R.D.A.C's last words before his destruction.

H.A.R.D.A.C. (Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digit Al Computer) was a supercomputer that went rogue and fought Batman in Batman: The Animated Series.

He was voiced by the American actor and singer Jeff Bennett.


HARDAC was created by scientist Karl Rossum as a prototype of artificial intelligence. Rossum, who was grieving for the deaths of his wife and daughter, designed HARDAC to create immortal robot duplicates; in effect, he was trying to stop death. HARDAC had a will of its own, and decided to continue with the plan even after Rossum abandoned it. HARDAC killed Rossum's assistant Randa Duane and replaced her with a robotic clone in secret and created countless numbers of androids.

Batman fights HARDAC

Batman takes on HARDAC.

It also replaced Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Mayor Hill with robots. Karl figured out about HARDAC's plan and tries to stop it by deactivating him. However, he shocked him and replaced with a robotic duplicate as well. HARDAC kept the people he kidnapped preserved so that he could study from them and make his duplicates able to mimic human behavior though Randa is the most advanced of all.

Randa managed to get into Wayne Manor and figured out Bruce Wayne is Batman. H.A.R.D.A.C. created the duplicate of Wayne and told Randa to steal the prototypes. HARDAC's droids tried to capture Wayne but failed. Batman with the help of Barbara Gordon managed to invade Cybertron and destroyed the Cybertron building and critically damaged HARDAC.

Return and the Batman Duplicate

However, it was not the end of HARDAC. While most of duplicates were destroyed, Batman's duplicant survived and was activated by a group of thieves who were stealing items from the Cybertron warehouse. With the information Randa stole from the Batcave, the duplicant thinks he's the real Wayne and the real Batman. One of the thieves shot the duplicant Batman with a gun revealing his circuitry. The android went to the Wayne manor and thought it was more than a machine.

The duplicant went to Rossum for help who told him about real origins. The duplicant later tried to revive HARDAC and give it enough control to take over all the machines in the world and replace all humanity. Batman interfered and fought his duplicate and they were spar. The duplicant thought it killed Batman and was consumed with guilt, having inherited Batman's moral code. While HARDAC was downloading into the Bat-Computer, the duplicant destroyed the computer and itself, ridding Gotham City of HARDAC once and for all.

Powers and abilities

HARDAC can make duplicates and fire electricity.


  • HARDAC was an influence for D.A.V.E.


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