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Confrontation Beast Buffalo-Fist Gyuuya is a Beast-Man of Rinjuken Akugata.

Character History

A user of the Confrontation Beast Buffalo-Fist style who just got promoted to the rank of Rinrinshī after he passed the Chamber of Trials. His fighting style emulates the buffalo's raw power to deliver destructive charges to the opponent. With his powerful thighs and Confrontation Ki-charged horns, Gyuuya can easily break through solid walls. He overpowered Jan in round one, but is forced to retreat as he was not used to being a Rinrinshī, as well as the technique and speed-specialized Retsu and Ran. After enough training, Gyuuya returned to resume the fight and beats the two other Gekirangers by cheating, only be beaten by the new attacks Jan learned from passing the Cleaning Training Sha-Fu put him through. Though he assumed to have defeated GekiTohja, Gyuuya is destroyed once he unknowing helped GekiTohja in using the Great Firm-Firm Leg.


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  • Height: 209 cm to 52.2 m
  • Weight: 126kg to 31.5 tons

Modus and Arsenal

Buffalo Ringi

  • Buffalo Colliding Horns Tackle
  • Buffalo Wild Bovine Kick

See also

  • Buffalord - Power Rangers counterpart in Jungle Fury.

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