Gyrus Krinkle

Gyrus Krinkle

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Gyrus Krinkle is a sad lonely man with a creepy obsession with the hyperforce in the Cartoon Series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Gyrus Krinkle dreamed about becoming the part of the monkey team. He once worked for the clean ops which are the janitors that clean the city after the hyperforces vast battles. He was fired under the grounds of excessive creepiness. Gyrus Krinkle appeared in two episodes including A Man Called Krinkle and Incident on Ranger 7. In incident on renger 7 Gyrus Krinkle has created a virtual replica of Chiro's home called Shuggazoom and naming Krinklezoom and trapping Chiro in it. Chiro realizes that this is Krinkles world. Krinkle got shocked by Antauri when he is trying to find a way out but Krinkle have disappeared after that he is sucked into his mind when the machine exploded. He was voiced by Jeffrey Combs.

Early life

Gyrus was raised by a robotic mother and because of this he always felt alone. He always wanted to be someone important and wanted to be like the hyperforce. Not much else is known about his early life.