Gyosutoma Dogma Kaijin
Gyosutoma: A piranha monster. He was in hiding in Raigyon who served as a decoy. He was originally Ooichi Taketo, a new local immigrant to Tokyo who takes in child ruffians as disciples for his dojo that teaches Gai Ryuken - a martial artist technique that upholds killing your opponent. Spreading his teachings and recruiting children all throughout Tokyo is simply his plan to indoctrinate the people to Dogma's values. He gained his reputation by ruthlessly beating a restaurant freeloader and a reckless biking gang, claiming that he seeks for justice that the police are incapable of dealing. By the time he bested Kazuya in human form with his technique he has already established his own permanent police force and captured students to assort the weak from the strong as potential Dogma converts. Gyosutoma has a hook hand and displays proficient martial arts being able to one handedly defeat all his disciples. His only power is his "Gyosutoma Kousen", a red plasma beam that either hypnotizes or fully incapacitates his enemies bodily functions. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Plum-blossom Two-step Kick.

He was later revived as part of the Dogma Revenge Corps and destroyed by Skyrider.