Gyor in his fighting uniform

Gyor is the main antagonist of the season 1episode "TKO" of Babylon 5.

He was portrayed by James Jude Courtney.


Gyor was the champion in an alien martial arts tournement known as the Mutai. Much like Shon's Parents, Gyor was a memeber of teh Onteen race. 


In the episode, Gyor was the primary challenger to the human fighter Walker Smith. He expressed that he did not see Human fighters as worthy of competing with a martial artist such as himself. Gyor was shown to be an excellent martial artist in the Mutai, or "Trial of Blood" and defeated many alien combatants. When he finally had to fight Walker Smith, the two engaged in a lengthy battle that was eventually declared a draw. Impressed by the endurance the human fighter had shown, the crowd began to chant Walker's name. Honored by such defeat, Gyor too chanted Walker's name.