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Gym Ghingnham
Gym Ghingnham is the main villain from Turn A Gundam.

He is an evil fighter who carries a katana on him. His main mobile suit is the Turn X.


A leader of one of the Moon's political factions. Gym Ghingnham has spent his life playing war games and is eager to put his talents to use in the war against the Earthrace. Although he initially wears a facade of cooperativeness, he is intent on pursuing his own agenda: wresting control from Dianna and becoming the warlord leader of the Moonrace. In the last battle, Ghingham is eventually defeated by Loran Cehack after the Turn X is destroyed. Shortly, Loran quickly defeated him until he is engulfed and sucked away in the butterfly moonlight wings for good; so that the Black History is over.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

In Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Gym Ghingngham pilots Turn X and Musha Gundam(especially in Loran's story mode and Judou's story mode).


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