Gyasa is a villain in the anime, Shinzo. He resembles a snake-like humanoid with a hair of snakes, and is the prince of reptiles

Gyasa first appeared when he kidnapped Yakumo and turned her into stone, then dropped her into the acid water. Mushra, Sago and Kutal fought against Gyasa, but he was too strong and defeated Sago and Kutal, turning them into cards. Mushra then fused with Sago and Kutal to become Mushrambo and fought Gyasa. Gyasa was still strong, but Mushrambo was stronger and fended off most of Gyasa's attacks, and Mushrambo defeated Gyasa.

However, Gyasa survived and came back for more. He absorbed a lot of snakes to become his Hyper Mode. Mushrambo and Gyasa fought again in a hard battle, and almost defeated Mushrambo, but Mushrambo killed Gyasa by impaling him on the head, then his body shattered to pieces, leaving nothing left but a thousand cards.