Cha gyaron

Gyaron is a Mamodo and a villain in the manga/anime series, Zatch Bell.


The duo initially appears as one of the teams to help Riou on breaking Faudo's seal, with their Emarion Basukado. Later, after the Zeno's takeover of Faudo, Gyaron recives Godufa, for being in Zeno's side. In the anime Gyaron doesn't receive Godufa, nor stays on Zeno's side. He later confronts Ted and Cherish, as she doesn't want to fight. Gyaron gets his book burned for Ted, who too get his one burned too. In the anime Gyaron fights Riya and Aleshie, who quickly defeat him.

Powers and Abilities

Gyaron spells are based on Armor, and recives Godufa power, which changes his appearence.