Gwendy Dolls 2

Gwendy Dolls are the minor villainess soldiers who were created by the Commando Elite.

They are voiced by Sarah Michelle Geller and Christina Ricci.


Gwendy Dolls

The GloboTech Industries acquiring the Heartland toy company, CEO Gil Mars tells remaining toy designers Larry Benson and Irwin Wayfair to develop actual live-action toys capable of "playing back."

Christy, Alan's neighbour, gets Chip to her brother. Chip rebels and imprisons him. He then leads the Commando to make thousands of Gwendy Dolls to have sentience like him and the Elite. Him and the Elite create and hundreds of the Dolls and, in a pretty bizarre sequence, they strip the Dolls almost naked. It is possible from the actions of the Dolls and the Elite that the Dolls are their lovers. This is further implied when Chip assaults Christy's boyfriend when he kills a few of the Dolls.

The Gwendy Dolls attack Christy and hold her hostage. Alan and Archer come in after seeing her hostage video. He is quickly subdued and restrained by the Gwendy Dolls, as well, while Archer gets Christy out of her bonds. Once free, she furiously stamps on all the Gwendy Dolls, crushing them to bits, saying that she hated them, anyway. Alan, Christy, and Archer then escape from Christy's home.

Many of the surviving Gwendy dolls are later seen advancing on Alan during the final battle with the Commando Elite at the climax of the movie. But they are quickly destroyed by Christy, who runs over them and many of the Commandos with a riding lawnmower. Those who aren't mowed down are instead destroyed by the EMP created by Alan, who, minutes prior, forced Chip into some telephone wires.


  • The Gwendy dolls bear a striking resemblance to Barbie dolls.