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Gwen Wu is a young Honeybee Scout who is Portia's best friend. She is seen with a large family, but none of their names are known.


Gwen is mainly seen at Portia's side, working as a lieutenant. She’s always equipped with a “witty” comeback, which usually entails calling Bessie and Millie a nerd. Her interests include cheerleading, music, and fashion. She is the co captain as one of the Pretty Pretty Princesses in “We Got the Bee.” She has a head for business and is very clever. She can be a bit of a bully (especially when it comes to Millie, as seen in “Ten Little Honeybees”), and she’s come to believe that hanging out with dorks like Bessie would ruin her reputation yet can be nice at times. Her parents haven't appeared in the show (with the exception of Mr. Wu, who is possibly her father), but in "Bee My Baby" she was shown babysitting her five younger brothers. Gwen can easily tease Bessie in the episode "Toot Toot"

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