Gwen Zoo 2.05

Gwen was the main villainess from Zoo episode 2.05, "The Moon and the Stars."

She was played by Rebecca Field.

Gwen was the leader of a group of survivors at a refuge center that Jamie and Logan arrive at after being lost in the woods. As the duo would later learn, Gwen made what she considered a "deal" with the rabid animals, allowing them to feed on two people at a time so they wouldn't go wild and kill all of them. The process is known simply as "the feeding," where two people are selected to be fed to the animals. Gwen selects Jamie and Logan after they are caught being warned by Maddie, who Gwen attacks for doing so. The pair of protagonists escape, all the while, a polar bear heads toward the bus that the pair hid out in. Gwen attempted to get in, but Jamie refused to let her inside, and as a result, Gwen was eaten alive by the polar bear.