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Oh, bravo, Lightyear! The Heed are tough, but we had to eliminate your strongest defense systems: Star Command's Ultra Spire and Zurg's Hyper Death Ray. By the time anyone figures our true intentions, it'll be too late! Your galaxy will be enslaved by the Heed. (laughs evilly) Super!
~ Guzelian revealing his true colors.

Guzelian is the main antagonist of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode War and Peace and War. He is leader of the Heeds, an alien species who are from a different galaxy with the intent on conquering Buzz Lightyear's galaxy through false means of offering peace and harmony.

He was voiced by Eric Idle.


Guzelian first appeared as a giant floating head, persuading both the Galactic Alliance and Planet Z that he was a supreme being and that the time for peace has come for the galaxy. His manipulations were strong enough to bring the LGMs and Grubs into his control, much to the ire of Buzz Lightyear and his archenemy Emperor Zurg.

Guzelian convinced nearly everyone in the galaxy to change for peaceful ways, even other villains (such as Warp Darkmatter, the Hornets, the Brain Pods, Gravitina, Nos-4-A2, Wirewolf, XL, and Torque) couldn't resist his manipulations. This caused all of the galaxy's planets to dismantle their strongest weapons and defense systems.

However, Buzz and Zurg still remain suspicious so they investigate throughout the edges of the galaxy, only to find out that the giant floating head was nothing more than a holographic projection to fool everyone in the galaxy to let their guard down as the Heed forces arrive on giant battleships shaped like asteroids. Revealing himself in person, Guzelian confesses to Buzz and Zurg that his desire for peace and his projections as a supreme being were nothing but ruses to cover his true plan for the Heeds to attack Capital Planet and Planet Z, therefore taking control of the entire galaxy. He even had to trick the LGMs and Grubs to respectively dismantle Star Command's strongest weapon (the Ultra Spire) and Zurg's strongest weapon (the Hyper Death Ray) so that their will be no one left to stop them.

Content that his plan is close to success, Guzelian sends his Heed forces to kill both Buzz and Zurg to finalize their conquest, which finally forced both foes to work together. Eventually, Guzelian and his men manage to corner both Buzz and Zurg as they are about to finalize their invasion. Playing wise on this, Buzz deviously tricks Guzelian into revealing his plan as he quietly activates one of the projectors to broadcast the confession, leaving the entire galaxy to hear Guzelian's plot and realize what a complete megalomaniac he really is. Content with this, Buzz happily reveals that he activated the projector for everyone to hear Guzelian's plot; even Zurg is very impressed by this and happily compliments Buzz for it.

Despite his plot being exposed, Guzelian gloats that all the galaxy's planets (including Capital Planet and Planet Z) will never restore their defense systems in time to stop the Heed armada. But that wasn't the case when the planets (instantly) do so to destroy the Heed warships after the broadcast is made, much to Guzelian's shock. As Buzz and Zurg escape from the exploding warships to their separate ways, Guzelian and the Heeds are forced to retreat back to their galaxy in their escape pods, never to be seen again.

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