Guy Broman
Guy Broman is a villain who appeared in the Grojband episode Girl Fest. He is Candy Jams's manager. He is the one in control of hiding her secrets and making sure none of her fans find out that she's a liar. He does this because he wants to get a share of her earning as a celebrity.


Guy Broman is a guy with brown hair that he wears in a mullet,a dark blue shirt with a yellow shirt and a green and white striped tie underneath. His blue shirt is long sleeved and has yellow cuffs and he wears brown pants and cowboy boots.


Guy Broman is Candy's manager. He is also a liar who helps hide the truth of Candy being a phony from her fans. He is completely against everything Candy stands for but he shields the fans from realizing this by glorifying her with ads and marketing.


  • His name is made up of three terms used to address males. Guy, Bro, and Man.