One of the more unusual Stephen King villains, Guy is the main antagonist of the story, "Lunch at the Gotham Café". An unsettled maître d', Guy ends up worsening the already tense atmosphere of the story's setting.

"Lunch at the Gotham Café"

Steve Davis is troubled when his wife, Diane, leaves him one day. However, he is later contacted by Diane's lawyer, William Humboldt, who arranges a meeting between the two at the titular restaurant to discuss their current separation. In his first encounter with Guy, Steve notices how rattled the maître d' appears, mistaking Steve's umbrella for a dog and raving about how it shouldn't be there. Wanting to concern himself more with his wife, Steve dismisses this.

However, Guy later falls into a homicidal rage and brandishes a chef's knife, manically yelling, "Eeeeeeee!" Humboldt attempts to counter Guy, only for the maître d' to kill him by slicing open his face. Steve manages to ward Guy off with the umbrella, only for Guy to give chase. They attempt to escape through the kitchen, where Guy critically injures a chef that attempts to calm him with a grisly chest wound. Steve ultimately manages to stop Guy's homicidal rampage when he splashes him with scalding water, trips him up with janitorial cleaning equipment, and knocks him out with a frying pan. In the story's conclusion, Guy is forcefully escorted from the premises, ranting and raving about a dog.

Steve theorizes that the "dog" ranting may have been the result of Guy being kept awake at night by a dog's constant barking. The film adaptation of the story also presents this. Unable to take the stress anymore, Guy finally snapped.