Gustavo bagetta
Are you really related to that pathetic father and brother of yours? If they had been as tough as you, they would probably have been able to live for five minutes longer.
~ Gustavo Bagetta

Gustavo Bagetta is a gangster during the 1930s, a subordinate of the Runorata-family and a major antagonist of the anime and light-novel series, Baccano.


The Gandor and Runorata-families were on bad terms with each other, and as such Gustavo murdered the father and oldest son of the family, even though his boss Bartolo Runorata had ordered no such thing. Dallas Genoard, the second oldest son went into hiding and Gustavo swore to find him and stop him from talking.

He asked a group of information-brokers to reveal Dallas location to him. When they refused, he threatened to kill them, and then learned that Dallas had a younger sister named Eve which he could use as a hostage.

He and his men kidnapped Eve, but she was released by an information-broker who was working undercover. She tried to seek shelter with another group of gangsters named the Gandor-brothers, but Gustavo tracked her down and proceeded to shoot all three of the brothers. However, the brothers were revealed to be immortals due to an incident several years back, and punched him down. When Bartolo Runorata later arrived, he shot Gustavo to death as punishment for his reckless and unnecessarily cruel actions and then apologized to Eve and the Gandors.


Gustavo is an impulsive and loud-mouthed mobster with a knack for dramatic speeches. He scoffs at religion and morals and believes that power and strength is all that matters. He hates being disappointed or treated with disrespect, and often responds through violence or angry yelling. He is shown to be highly sadistic as he killed Eve Genoard's father and oldest brother completely on his accord, and openly bragged about it in front of her, despite her young age.