Gus (The Troop)


Gus (real name: Augustus) is the main antagonist in the first season of the Nickelodeon TV series The Troop, despite only appearing in. He is a human teenager driven by hate for his peers and controls very powerful and dangerous monsters and is the worst nemesis the Troop ever faced. 


He started as a simple bullied teenager, and had a crush on female Troop member, Haley Steel, who was the first person to see him as an equal, because of this he see's her friend Jake Collins as a rival. He first encountered a monster known as the Doulos, that serves humans, and used it to get revenge on his bullies. Like most humans that get involved, his memory is wiped by a Snark, a creature that's cry is used to wipe out specific memories.

It is revealed he is one step ahead of the Troop as he was wearing earplugs. He later strikes again, with a monster called the Quadro-Gob to kill Jake. He fails, but it's apparent that he is dangerous to the point where he had to be locked up in an insane asylum. He is still another step ahead of them, leaving notes and videos for himself in case he was successfully Snarked.

In the season finale, he plots and succeeds in releasing every monster The Troop caught with his invention "The Monster Magnet", with the help of fellow inmate Fraido. He furthers his plans by using the Troop Grid to seal Lakewood off from the rest of the world. He tries to have the monster magnate to control all the monsters but the magnate goes into overdrive, causing everything to be sucked into the Monster dimension, including Gus. They try to save him but he is afraid they will Snark him again, so he allows himself to be sucked in. His fate is unknown, but it's likely he was killed in the dimension. 


Before he knew of the existence of monsters, he was mousy, meek and lacked confidence, but upon discovering their existence, he became power hungry, manipulative, melodramatic, and malicious. He appears the represent troubled children who make wrong choices and sometimes try to kill their peers, making him one of the darkest villains on Nickelodeon.