Gurand Bazarmy Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Gurand Bazarmy (グランバザーミー Guran Bazāmī?, 27-28): A longhorn beetle monster hailing from the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Commander of the Second Generation Kaijin Corps and considered to be the "strongest" kaijin created by Neo-Shocker (hence his title the "Scourge of Kilimanjaro"). His task after Hirubiran's defeat is to rupture the tectonic plates underneath Japan and unleash its magma turning the entire country into a sea of flames. He can breathe fire from his maw, moves at super speed (to the extent of being able to phase out teleport), and decapitate enemies with his giant claw. His super speed and teleportation asset enabled him to best all the original 7 riders and Skyrider. He is thereby Skyrider's first opponent in his new upgraded form. Destroyed by Skyrider's Three-point Drop.