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The gunslinger

Yul Brinner as The gunslinger

The gunslinger is a robot and the main villain from the 1973 film WestWorld and makes a cameo appearance in the 1976 sequel FuturWorld. He is played by Yul Brynner.


In the first film The gunslinger is depicted to be one of the man made robots used as attractions in the Adult themepark WestWorld wich is a set that resembles the everyday life in an American wild west town. Other attractions are a MedievalWorld and a RomanWorld. The gunslinger is a programmed to start an argument and then pursuade the tourist in fictiscious gun draw, the gunslinger inevitably looses the match everytime because for the safety of the tourists the guns don't work on human beings but just on the robots thus being armless against the two main characters Peter Martin and John Blane. Things change when a virus corrupts the sistem of WestWorld and the other surrounding Medieval and Roman worlds causing the some robots to behave differently and actually injuring or killing the tourists. The gunslinger makes no exception and pursuades blane into another duel wich ends up withe the gunslinger being victorious and Blane dying, the gunslinger chases Martin through WestWorld and the surrounding towns, down the laboratories where the robots are built up untill RomanWorld where Martin finally manages to destroy him by throwing water in his face after descovering it is the only way to stop him. The gunslinger also makes a cameo appearance in the sequel film FuturWorld where he appeares in a dream sequence. The robots are shown to be extrimely similar in appearance to human beings to the point that they actually can have sexual encounters with the tourists and bleed like humans. The gunslinger is depicted as wearing a hat, a dark-blue shirt and jeans, he also is armed with two pistols on each side of his hips. He has a very human look, a fierce expression and seems to have a silver looking sparkle in each of his eyes.

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