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The Gunslinger duelling with Buzz Lightyear

The Gunslinger is a boss in the 1999 video game Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, as well as one of the final bosses of the game.


The Gunslinger is the boss of the game's eleventh level, Al's Penthouse. He is an extremely lofty cowboy who resides in the Woody’s Roundup Set within the trophy room of the penthouse, designed to resemble a street in the Wild West. As the name would suggest, the Gunslinger carries two pistols with which to attack Buzz, and although his speed is not great, his pursuit is constant. Buzz can injure the boss either by shooting him with his laser, or by using a spin attack. Once the Gunslinger has fallen, a Pizza Planet Token will appear.

It is later revealed that the Gunslinger survived his conflict with Buzz, as he appears in the final level, Final Showdown (also called Prospector Showdown), along with the Prospector and the Blacksmith. His attacks, however, remain the same.