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Gunnar Eversol is a supporting antagonist in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He is an auctioneer at the Lockwood Estate who collaborates with Eli Mills to sell the dinosaurs captured at Isla Nublar for a profit.

He is portrayed by Toby Jones who portrayed Arnim Zola in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Culverton Smith in Sherlock.


Eversol was employed by Eli Mills to sell off the captured dinosaurs taken from Isla Nublar by his hired mercenary Ken Wheatley and his team. Despite being in league with Mills, Eversol wasn't happy about the idea of selling dinosaurs, but tagged along with it due to his greed of money.

After the dinosaurs are transported to the Lockwood Estate, Gunnar Eversol begins the auction by presenting out several dinosaurs to several clients, mostly arm dealers and warlords who intend to use them as weapons. Just as four dinosaurs were finally sold away as Eversol presents the Indoraptor, Owen manages to disrupt the event by freeing a Stygimoloch and setting it loose to disrupt the auctions, causing many people to flee away in terror.

The Indoraptor then freed himself from custody by pretending to be tranquilized by Wheatley, allowing him to maul Wheatley to death, an act witnessed by a horrified Eversol. Deciding that it's not worth it, Eversol managed to escape into an elevator with several people and closed it by accessing the button panel, but the Indoraptor disables the controls unknowingly with his tail, causing the elevator doors to open up again. With this, the Indoraptor broke in and mauled Eversol and the hiding auctioneers to their deaths.



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