Gunnar is the main antagonist in the animated Danish film, Terkel In Trouble. He is an evil and cruel teacher who turns out to be a mass murderer. That is why his job is to kill Terkel because he accidentally sat on a spider because he is a fan of animals.


Gunnar is the new teacher who replaced or substituted the other teacher called Arne. He is a actually a killer that wants Terkel dead. The end of the movie he steals Jason's cellphone to write That i'm gonna kill you then Terkel thought that Jason wrote that. He dies at the end of the movie, getting hit by a lead pipe that Jason uses all the time.


  • Gunnar or Justin's been played by Toby Stephens and Andreas Matthesen on Danish.
  • He was basically born as a serial killer.
  • He is meant to be the same reference as Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th.