Gummy Bears are characters that only appeared in Gumbrawl. They eventually got into a battle with all the other gummy things which caused them to fuse together. After they were sliced, the two halves battled again. Also they hold a big hate of anything else gummy and sometimes Orange.


Orange meets a gummy worm, and it is cut in half. Instead of a quick death, though, the gummy worm becomes 2 smaller gummy worms, each with their own mind. Since they are two halves of the same worm, they have a lot in common (for example, both of them love blue). Knife comes back and splits the worm into over 10 pieces, each with their own minds. They decide to take over the kitchen, as they are actually HELPED by knives. Gummy bears intervene, however. Orange cuts the leader's entrance line short just before a pack of chewing gum attacks. Finally, gumdrops fall, with the gummy bear leader complaining that the other forces both had awesome entrance lines and Orange didn't interrupt those. The four armies jump at each other. They are soon merged into a gumball, which is unable to move. Knife comes and cuts the gumball, and the story ends.