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Attack of the Clones

Gume Saam is the Techno Union represntative in the Republic  Although they are with the Separatists he remains claiming to be with the Republic. He along with the Emperor and some other Senators oversaw the new clone army. 

The Clone Wars

He proposed a bill that would deregulate the Republic banks so they could buy more troops.The passing of the bill would make him and his cohorts Nix Card and Lott Dod very rich. Count Dooku also wants the war to keep going. However Senator Amidala nearly convinces the senate to vote against it they call Dooku to do a droid terrorist attack on the Republic. After they do this most of the senate turns to his bill.

Revenge of the Sith

Saam makes a cameo where he and Galaxies Opera House with Waks Trode.

Sometime before A New Hope he became a wanted fugitive.