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Gumbo is the crocodile sidekick of Jambalaya Jake and the minor antagonist from the animated Disney TV series, Darkwing Duck.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings who also played Steele, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Ed, Long John Silver, Nessus, Dennis, Nasty Jack, Hernán Cortés, Razoul, and Budzo.

Darkwing Duck

Gumbo first appears in the episode, "Can't Bayou Love", where he and Jambalaya stole money for a charity. Darkwing Duck tried to stop them but they escaped. They made it back to their hideout in the sewer. They later kidnapped Launchpad McQuack. Gumbo actually liked the food Launchpad made. Darkwing was surprised to see that Launchpad was kidnapped. They tied Launchpad to a tree at the St. Canard Zoo. Jake told Gumbo to keep an eye on Launchpad as he was going to confront Darkwing. Lauchpad began getting out the ropes much to Gumbo's anger. Launchpad got his brownie to distract the gator since he liked them. Jake returns and tells Gumbo that he plans on bombing Launchpad instead. Darkwing came to stop them but they escaped. As Gumbo and Jake ran away from them, Darkwing and Launchpad chased after them. Launchpad accidently stepped on Gumbo's tail and the gator got very angry. Gumbo tried to chase after Launchpad but Darkwing caught the gator's attention by putting a bunch of brownies down Jake's clothes. Jake tried to run away from Gumbo but the two were washed away.

Gumbo later appears in the episode "Double Darkwings". Jake wanted vengeance on Darkwing by asking his grandmother a witch to help him. She wanted money for her work and she was about to turn Gumbo into a handbag if she did not get anything. Their efforts to get revenge on Darkwing failed as the two were arrested for trying to incriminate Darkwing and Launchpad for a string of crimes they had committed.

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