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Gumball Watterson(S2)

Zachary Tristopher Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball
Playing Dodge or Dare, watching TV, playing video games
Pranks, Reflexes
Varies by episode
Type of Villain
Protagonist Villain, Trickster

 Zachary "Gumball" Tristopher Watterson is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a student who attends Elmore Junior High School along with his best friend and step brother, Darwin, and his sister, Anias. He has a major crush on Penny, who at the beginning looked like an antlered peanut.

Often at times, he will get into trouble, but he then later learns from his mistakes. Most of the time, he is a kind-hearted young kid, but has had several villainous roles throughout the series. He was voiced by Logan Grove in the first two seasons and is now voiced by Jacob Hopkins as of season 3. As of Season 3, Gumball is now dating Penny who is revealed to be a shapeshifting fairy.

Villainous Roles

Season 1

  • In "The Debt", he thinks Mr. Robinson saved his life, so he tries his best to save his life in return, but he only inadvertantly ends up injuring him. At the end of the episode, he redeems himself by actually saving Mr. Robinson's life from a stage light.
  • In "The Laziest", Gumball and Darwin inadvertantly cause Larry to lose his job, girlfriend, and car.
  • In "The Prank", he, along with Darwin, do horrible pranks to their dad, while he tries to get back at them.
  • In "The Picnic", he ate a map to the forest of doom which made him and Darwin lost. Also he threw away Darwin's lunchbox which is their only chance of food.

Season 2

  • In "The Colossus", he tells Hector to start ignoring his mother, which causes the giant to go on a rampage.
  • In "The Banana", he attempts to get revenge on Banana Joe for chewing on Darwin's pen by poking multiple holes in his glue bottle with a pencil. At the end of the episode, he suddenly found Darwin's pen, meaning their feud was all for not.
  • In "Halloween", he and Darwin become ghosts, and go across Elmore scaring other people.
  • He wins a few bets from Darwin in "The Bet". Bobert loses one of his bets and becomes his slave. Gumball makes Bobert perform degrading tasks onto himself - including one which winds up getting him torn apart by Tina Rex - and inadvertently causes him to attack school faculty members. Gumball ignores Darwin's demands to treat Bobert like a "normal kid".
  • In "The Watch" he and Darwin dress up as the Grim Reaper to scare Marvin into giving back an heirloom, a watch, causing Marvin to pass out, though to be fair, Gumball and Darwin didn't know Marvin would faint. Later he, Darwin, and Richard stole the seniors' scooters and pursued Marvin in them, though to be fair, Darwin asked the Scottish senior for his, so it was only Richard and Gumball that actually stole them.
  • In "The Bumpkin", he invites Idaho to a party, in the morning, he finds Idaho white, pale and sick.
  • In "The Hero". After seeing his dad act dumb again, Gumball laughed again saying that it was worth it.
  • In The Lesson, him and Darwin cheat on a math test and get sent to detention; furthermore, while they're in detention, they try to escape school with the help of the Bomb Guy.
  • In The Skull, he and Darwin chastise Clayton for lying, despite having lied themselves in the past. They then hurt Clayton's feelings after he dance like Bananna Joe for them.
  • In The Limit, him, Darwin, Anais, and his dad try to pursuade his mom to get them candy from the store, but eventually, she ends up in an out-of-control rage.
  • In The Promise, he tries to prevent Darwin from helping Banana Joe in making a video, which Darwin promised he would do. He even admits to being selfish.


  • "I'm bringing you back to life!" - The Debt
  • "Ah zuh pins and needles dang I gotta move!" - The Laziest
  • "WHAT THE WHAT?!" - The Prank
  • "AHH, A SPIDER! Knock his block off! That's awful! I hate spiders! Who would want something that creepy in their house?!" - The Date
  • "You'll never hit me! I'm the luckiest man alive!" - The Helmet
  • "Is it best you don't laugh? Is it best you don't cry? Is it best you don't sneeze? Is there a heart in that chest of yours, Hector? If there is, let it beat man! Let it beat!" - The Colossus
  • "Don't you dude me when I'm right! You're supposed to chew things you eat, not people's stuff!" - The Banana
  • "Dancing? We're ghosts, dude, we can do whatever we like!" - Halloween
  • "I FEEL THE SAME, BUT HAPPIER!!!" - The Apology
  • "I`m sorry I just couldn`t help it. They kept talking about all that electric stuff. And the fuse box was there." - The Bet
  • "(as the Grim Reaper)I'VE COME FOR YOU MARVIN." - The Watch
  • "Shhhhh, I know what this looks like but before you tell me how wrong it is, don't you wanna try it?" - The Bumpkin
  • "No problem Mr. President! I'll have it on your desk by the year 2025." - The Dream
  • "(in a low pitched (Zach) voice) You lied to me!" - The Storm
  • "But the combo's are useless against the power of BUTTON MASHING!!!!"-The name



  • He and his dad are the only ones to have had the most antagonistic roles in the series.
  • His voice actor, Logan Grove, sounds similar to Nicky Jones (born probably January 1997), the kids who voiced Chowder on Chowder, and also voiced Gumball in the Early Reel, probably Jeremy Shada who voiced Finn the Human on Adventure Time and Vincenzo Rauso/Collin Dean (born probably January 1997) who voiced Tiffany on Adventure Time.
  • When gets possessed by Carrie in The Ghost, and by Jealousy in The Flower, it doesn't mark those episodes as his antagonist roles. They were villainous roles by ones that possessed him.
  • In episode The Name, it was revealed that Gumball's real name was Zach, until he legally changed it.
  • Gumball dressed/disguised himself as Gumball/Zach the Evil/Old Timey Villain Judge and Lawyer in episode The Date.

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