Guldo is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball series. He is the smallest (and weakest) of the Ginyu Force. He is a short, green-skinned alien with four eyes and the ability to stop time. His name (pronounced in Japanese as "Gurudo) is a pun of the word "yogurt".


In Team Four Star's parody, Dragon Ball Z: Abridged, Guldo's personality is the same as it was in DBZ, as he is still confident in his time stopping powers and bent on destroying Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin.

His reason for hating Vegeta, however, was changed slightly. Back when Vegeta worked for Frieza's organization, he would often mock Guldo by throwing dog treats at him. Extremely annoyed, Guldo vowed revenge.

In the Namek Saga, he and the other Ginyu Force members play a game of "Wheel of Death" (a macabre parody of "Wheel of Fortune") to decide who gets to kill Vegeta. Although he is bent on killing Vegeta, his spin lands on a different template, and he must fight Gohan and Krillin. Durring their battle, he stops time and uses the chance to squash Krillin with a steamroller (a reference to the manga, "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure"). Surprisingly, the attack doesn't kill Krillin, who is led to believe that Guldo can magically summon steamrollers. Guldo uses his powers again to trap Gohan and Krillin, but then has his head severed by Vegeta. Dying, Guldo's head wonders what awaits him beyond death, but his thoughts are interrupted when Vegeta hits him in the face with another dog treat. Guldo then mutters "I f***ing hate you." before Vegeta vaporizes his head with an energy blast. He then with the rest of the ginyu force (besides ginyu) goes and tries to conquer King Kai's planet at death.