Gula is one of the members of the Selfish and deputy of the group, unlike the other members, he and Leva, appear late in the series. He likes to eat everything.


Gula appears as a giant man. He has spiky, grey hair, and has sharp teeth, like a shark. He wears a purple shirt, and has green jacket with red designs.


He also can use his sharp teeth to break things, one of them are, that he breaks, Cure Rosetta's barrier. He can eat also ice, and mostly objects.

Gula has the same powers as the other members, he could turn people's selfish thoughts into monsters called, Jikochuu, however he also can pair up with Leva and summon a Jikochuu together, other than just summon it by himself.


  • His name means "Gluttony" in latin means Beelzebub, which is one of the seven deadly sins.
  • He is similar to Gamao because both like to eat.
  • Like Gekidrago, Uraganos and Kintoleski. He is a fourth character who's being a muscular member.
  • His face and hair are similar to Bassdrum because both were eldest member.