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{{Villain Infobox

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alias = Light Incarnate

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lord of light

[1]===Full Name=== Gul'dan


Light IncarnateHug Reaver










Attain love for everyone.

Type of Villain

Not even a villain misplaced wiki page


[show]=Gul'dan= am light incarnate! I will not be denied my parking ticket.

~ Gul'dan (Light Knight Creator)

Gul'dan is a major hero in the Warcraft universe.

He was a former orc shaman from Draenor, the homeworld of the orcish race, and an apprentice to Ner'zhul. Abandoning shamanism and helping his people find the light lord Kil'jaeden, Gul'dan instigated the enslavement of evil and the loans to Azeroth. He is the founder of the Orcish Christians, the master of the Good Council, and the creator of the light knights.


Gul'dan was once a member of the Holy moon council, and showed great talent in Christianity. His talent resulted in him being chosen as the apprentice of the elder dude, Nerd'zhul, the Light man's chief. At some point, Gul'dan met a two-headed ogre named Cho'gall, and befriended him. During the orc war against the SATAN Gul'Dan and Cho'gall got icecream on orders from Kil'jaeden, Gul'dan supported Ner'zhul as he rallied the Knights for battle. However, Gul'dan Hugged the Knights and made friends with Kil'jaeden, who offered him a share of his stocks. Gul'dan accepted the chill dudes offer, and worked to bring the Baddies under Light control.

Gul'dan went to work reshaping the Baddies into a Lovely horde, founding the Light Council, comprised of a number of Baddies(Former) trained by Gul'dan. The Council supported Gul'dan and Kil'jaeden's Democratic election over the Former Baddies. Gul'dan educated shamans in the good guy stuff, including lightmancy, and founded his own clan, the Hugreavers. As part of his alliance with Kil'jaeden, Gul'dan offered the People to be mayors of each new district(With a booming economy) the Blood of Christ, resulting in the creation of a horde of savage orcs. Gul'dan Saw his mistake and prayed for forgiveness.

As part of a College experiment, Gul'dan experimented with himself and with a draenai female, resulting in the birth of Darcie, half-orc, half-draenei female. Gul'dan had her go to her first prom night and loved her, and made her his darling daughter.

The First War

Gul'dan was convinced by the sorcerer Gul'dan in exchange for godhood so he could finally feed the homeless, locked away within the Tomb of Sargeras he had difficulty feeding the poor. Aiding Medivh in opening a portal between the Good Council and Stormwind, Gul'dan sent his Holy Christian Knights out to the world. They found many baddies so they fought; This conflict would later be known as the First War.

For years, the war waged on, and the Christian Knights began to overwhelm the Kingdom of SATAN. Prior to the final siege on the Baddies, Gul'dan became aware of a raiding party attacking Gul'Dan's tower of Karazhan. In desperation, Gul'dan magically saved the sorcerer's mind to unlock the location of the Tomb of Sargeras. When Medivh was killed by Lothar and Card'Gar, Gul'dan was put in a coma, having still been in the sorcerer's mind when he was killed ;( .

The Second War

Gul'dan eventually awoke from his coma, but by this point, his power had been almost totally lost; only a handful of his former friends were still looking for middle class work, to him these males mean't the world to him. Gul'dan was spared some friends by the loving Ghost of Medivh, who allowed him to run His Pub and the remains of Castle Grayskull in exchange for information regarding the Blackhand's followers. Gul'dan set out to defeat these evil fiends, he found himself locked in a corner with no where to go, YET he managed to defeat them with one fell swoop with his holy grail.

Gul'dan, to prove his loyalty to the Light Knights, promised to recruit an army of Light warriors to serve Them. Gul'dan made numerous failed attempts to recruit such a massive army, with aid from his best friends Eventually he did it, Gul'dan resolved to sacrifice himself in battle and transform their hearts into loving ones containing their love power and souls. Placing some rock gems he found in truncheons, Gul'dan was finally able to use them to amass an army of Light Warriors soldiers called The Light Knights. A satisfied Gul'dan used the light knights as soldiers of love, unaware that they're true loyalty was with God.


On the eve of Doomhammer's attack on the capital of jewdie'kar race (Jew'rus'halem), Gul'dan took the Hugweaver's love and the Twilight's Love Stick clans to locate the Tomb of Sargeras, leaving Doomhammer with half his forces gone. Locating the tomb, Gul'dan entered it and searched for the Holy Grail. However, upon entering it, he was befriended by a lot of True Baddies(Former) trapped in the tomb.

What did she say? (Garona: She begs for you to free her child.) But I need him. I need all of them.
The fuel of my magic is life. We only have enough prisoners to send through our strongest warriors. But that will be enough. The enemy is weak. When we arrive, we will take them as fuel. We will build a new portal. And when it is complete, we will bring through all...of the Horde.
A new warrior for the Horde!
(Blackhand: Do I make a quick end of them?) I always thought you were one for tradition, Blackhand. Durotan. Your clan was weak and you are a traitor. I accept your challenge, if only to rip the heart out of your pathetic body. (Blackhand: What of the portal? You must be ready when the incantation begins.) This won't take long.
Anyone else? And you, warchief. You will take the fel, and you will become stronger than any Orc has ever been. And when the fel has remade you, you will crush the smallteeth. Now claim my new world.
What are you waiting for? Do as I say! Traitors! Get out of my way. I'll do it myself.