Hate You Can Trust.
~ Motto

The Guild of Calamitis Intent is an organization of antagonists of The Venture Bros universe. They serve as a trade union for supervillains, and acts as an establishing infulance for them. Currently led by the enigmic "Soveriegn" (who is really David Bowie), the Guild was likely found by Phantom Limb's grandfather, even though it's history can be traced back to the Victorian Era, at the time of Loyd Venture. Because of this Phantom Limb believed himslef to be the true heir, but Bowie himself calls Dean Venture the rightful heir for being Loyd Venture's great grandson. They also provide rules for supervillains they are assoiated with such as never killing a cop, or letting their henchmen use real guns. They also provide the protagonist's with archnemises, and the villains their organizations.

Notable Members