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The Guardians, in order of appearence

The Guardians are villains in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, being the bosses of the game. They consist of Ing which have stolen Samus' boost ball, bombs, as well as additional items like the Dark Suit and Annihilator Beam. The Guardians are the in-game name of the bosses, and they consist of: 

  • The Bomb Guardian
  • Jump Guardian
  • Boost Guardian
  • Grapple Guardian
  • Spider Guardian
  • Power Bomb Guardian

Two of these - the Jump and Boost Guardian - are normal Hunter Ing which have stolen the Jump Boots and boost ball. The rest are disembodied Ing possessing creatures on Aether, and, in the case of Quadraxis, robots.

Samus is ambushed by Ing at the start of the game who steal her abilities, and these become the Guardians later. They are able to use the devices they stole to great effect in battle, most notably the Boost Guardian. They have no mercy to Samus. They are found in the Agon Wastes, Dark Agon, Dark Torvus, and Sanctuary Fortress respectively.

The Power Bomb Guardian is unique in it is a plant the Ing possessed.

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