Guame the Immovable is a secondary villain in the first part of Gurren Lagann. He is one of the beastmen, created by Spiral King Lordgenome and pretended to be the oldest of the Four Supreme Generals of the beastmen, as he laughed at Cytomander, still fully understanding his 200 year age. He is the commander of battleship Dai-Gundo and the pilot of special Gember gunman.

Gurren Lagann

Guame first appears, reporting Thymilph's death to the Spiral King. He mocks about Adiane and Thymilph's relations, enraging her. He appears as a beastman who don't worship Spiral King as a god, but merely respecting him, according to Cytomander, the only beastman who dares to oppose Lordgenome's orders and ideas. After Adiane had failed, Guame decided to take Dai-Gurren by himself, setting a trap and capturing the ship's crew. He then friendly chats with Mia, telling her the truth about king's order about her elimination. However, he decides to spare Mia's life if she would decide to be the leader of "Beauty Village", where they raised "dolls" for Spiral King. She refuses, and then enraged Guame, forcing him to attempt to kill her, when Simon and Dai-Gurren escape and Guame forced to battle Gurren Lagann on the board of his own special gunman - Gember. However, he was defeated and forced to retreat on his battleship Dai-Gundo.

As Dai-Gurren approached Teppelin, Guame and Cytomander organized a double attack to the human team. As Cytomander's Dai-Gunten was thrown to his battleship and Cytomander himself was killed, Dai-Gundo played faux retreat, and then created a massive spiral shield across the Teppelin, which was supposed to destroy both Dai-Gurren and their reinforcement. However, this plan failed, as Gurren Lagann tunneled underneath Dai-Gundo and impaled it with a massive drill, running through Guame and killing him, as Dai-Gundo exploded.


  • Guame supposed to be a spiral being, as he able to use attacks, involving spinning.